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Darin d Moneyî Campbell bad parent in Massachusetts

Darin d Moneyî Campbell was reported as a bad parent to encyclopediaerratica.com.  The report from Mattapan, Massachusetts  stated: Where do we start with this dead beat. No job , No money,no respect for women,a full fledge asshole with 3 kids 3 baby mamas and takes care of none. Yes I am one of them stupid girls but that’s the past my son is 5 without a father. More focused on his whack ass music than his kids. Ask him he will tell you he has no kids. I would put him on child support but can’t find him. He probably is making a baby as we speak. Attention crips this deadbeat os a Blood so any info about his other baby mothers comment below so we can come together and give our kids a father. #Singlemotherlivesmatters.

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