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Darius Sims bad parent in Alabama

Darius Sims was reported as a bad parent to encyclopediaerratica.com.  The report from Roxbury, Alabama  stated: Nigga is just mad that nigga is saying real shit about the snitch ass nigga and I wish whoever have a problem with the shit I said about this bitchass nigga come on motherfucker he ain’t no father to nobody that bitch is a deadbeat and nigga don’t have to hate on Darius he still lives wit his mother his mother takes care if him and he is out here selling drugs dumb motherfucker that bitch that I said I’m going yo show this to him go head cause that bitch ain’t going to do shit and you said show him this bitch he is probably pimping that squares bitch ass well probably using her to trap out off dumb ass bitch I can say whoever I want about this clown ass motherfucker he ain’t going to do shit you or him

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