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David Edwards/ Shawn Lewis bad parent in Ohio

David Edwards/ Shawn Lewis was reported as a bad parent to encyclopediaerratica.com.  The report from Dayton, Ohio  stated: Cheated on me while I was pregnant and didn’t come see my daughter in the NICU til 3days later. Has only seen her once, even though I offered to pay him to see her. He see’s nothing wrong with not seeing my daughter, but the only one he hurts is my daughter. And owes my daughter over 1,000 in child support, but made his first payment last month of $54.45. All I want him to do is see her, but he thinks he has the right to come get her. My child doesn’t even know who he is, and they last/first time he saw her she cried every time I let him hold her. I feel sorry for him because he is missing out on my daughter growing up.

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