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Derek Scott Miller bad parent in Arizona

Derek Scott Miller was reported as a bad parent to encyclopediaerratica.com.  The report from Scottsdale, Arizona  stated: My X took my kids away b/c I suffer from depression (note: so does his new wife) ; My youngest son couldn’t live with this abusive man & his anal wife and ran away several times. When my son started talking about suicide my X ignored it. My son ran away for the last time and I got him help he needed. I have had custody since 12/ 2010. Not a penny of child support. Thanks to my X I cannot afford clothes for my son and I can’t pay my bills. Derek Scott Miller (b. 4/30/64) is a deadbeat dad and does not care about the medical needs of his children. Please note: this is an old pic, he has gained 100 pounds and is bald as a q-ball not by choice.

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