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Donald Bellamy bad parent in North Carolina

Donald Bellamy was reported as a bad parent to encyclopediaerratica.com.  The report from Durham, North Carolina  stated: 32 to years of my life has past and this guy has never been there. I’ve reached out to him 5 to many times and he has never reached back. I feel so incomplete without him yet he’s shown me countless times he doesn’t care about meƒ It hurts because I was a baby when he leftƒ He’s never been put on child support so he’s has to do nothing to take care of me his responsibilityƒ I had to teach my self hoe to live life and be a good man. What did I do to make my father not want me??? I look just like him and I can’t stop thinking about his sorry ass and now I have kids that look like himƒ Some body help me expose this dead beat loser!!!!

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