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Donald Gerard Delfino bad parent in North Carolina

Donald Gerard Delfino was reported as a bad parent to encyclopediaerratica.com.  The report from Almanance, North Carolina  stated: See his picture on mugshots.com he was just arrested for assaulting a female. He owes since April of 2009. He has two kids, a male where there was an Order for Support and a female he refused to acknowledge but than did in Orange County Family Court. There was a Income Execution Order issued to the NYPD to deduct the support monthly but that stopped. He is abusive, unstable and volatile. He does not take his meds and is not supposed to be anywhere near guns. The NYPD had committed him, took away his gun and he was forced to retire. Than rewarded for his behavior with a pension, after being charged with Insubordination by NYPD. He owes well over $5,000.00. He has a new victim in North Carolina, and a new baby. Maybe this is who he recently assaulted.

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