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Donald Mobley Sr. bad parent in California

Donald Mobley Sr. was reported as a bad parent to encyclopediaerratica.com.  The report from San Jose, California  stated: My ex-husband (DONALD MOBLEY SR). and I have 3 special needs beautiful children. I divorced him in ’99 because of verbal and physical abuse (he also admitted to either having sex or attempting to have sex with EVERY) female I knew, including family). He is an admitted drug user and alcoholic. He was court ordered to supervised visits and addiction treatment when he came up positive to court drug testing (the first test came back neg cuz he sent his identical twin to test, which he admitted to in court when I found out).; He spent the past 18 yrs NOT paying support or seeing his children. He was convicted of stealing our sons identity (HIS JR!). He lived as my son for many yrs, then after caught, he worked under the table, stashing cash or if they found him, by the time the 30 day notice came into affect, he had already found another job.; He took me to court every few months, for the majority of the past 18 yrs. He asked for support to be loweredƒfrom what he was NOT EVEN PAYING! I was forced to fly from HI to CA (not to mention the children missing school, dances, sporting events) ƒ spending THOUSANDS. Meanwhile, arrears were adding up. HE NEVER SAW THE CHILDREN EXCEPT IN COURT.; I didn’t bother asking for 1/ 2 the un-reimbursement of medical and childcare because ƒ.. 1. Didn’t want to see him ƒ.. 2. I knew I would never get it, all they ever did was ad on arrears.; The ONLY time I have ever received arrears is when they would find him and take 1 check ƒ Or tax return. Now he gets SSDI, so I’ve gotten four $200 checks!!! I also got a lump some of $16+K from his SSDI.; So, when my youngest turned 18 last yr, I honestly thought I was DONE! Well, guess what? He is trying to get ALL ARREARS THROWN OUT, and his PASSPORT REINSTATED. He claims he is sooooo poor that he can’t possibly pay. The State of CA is actually allowing him (and his high priced attorney) to take this to trial!! We had a hearing, (me via phone) where they set it for Sept. By the way, I caught him in a few lies to the commissioner. He has a rental property with income, a high price fancy car, high price fancy motorcycle and at LEAST $55,000 CASH (from a car accident settlement) sitting in his home. Once I brought it up, he admitted to it all (and said to the commissioner) and said he keeps cash at home because his bank account has a levy from child support and they will take it ƒ.. DUH!; So, he still owes $49, 957. Again this with him missing yrs I couldn’t find him and not adding over $80k in un-reimbursed medical/childcare.; DONALD MOBLEY SR. IS THE #1 BIGGEST DEADBEAT DAD!; If anyone can help get this money or assist with court, I would really appreciate it

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