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Donyea Buckley bad parent in Arizona

Donyea Buckley was reported as a bad parent to encyclopediaerratica.com.  The report from Ari, Arizona  stated: This bum ass deadbeat dont take care of his son cuz he a lying,sac of trash.I took care of this lying crackhead for many years and the whole while I was pregnant getting up driving him an hour away for home sometimes.The minute my son was born he decided to not help and start claiming I trapped him. He doesnt help at all wont pay child support but when his sorry ass does call he says dumb shit like you just mad cuz im getting rich. My son is 3 with Autism and he hasnt ever even had a conversation with my baby but tries to play daddy of the decade to the other kids. I just want all of Arizona to know this stand up guy act he puts in is bs and He wont even pay $30 a week so that I can move outta Flint where we are in the middle of a water crisses.

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