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A Tale Of Errors And Wrongs

Cassie Miller Barberton, Ohio

Cassie Miller Barberton, Ohio is reported for the erratic behavior of infidelity and cheating! My name is Cassie miller. I wanted to get on her and apologize to the world for being a homewrecker. 3 yrs ago I wrkd on a akron job w nothing but men. I started to like this one guy who happened to be married. We talked everyday, I was on his f.b., and we tried to hang out outside of work. When that mans wife found out unfortunately me, him stopped talking. I worked on this akron job for 6 months. When the akron job ended a month went by before I was asked to go out of town to columbus ohio to paint on a job with two men from the akron job. The job was to last for one week. I arrived W a man nicknamed cheeseburger. We shared a hotel room at the comfort inn. I had thee biggest crush on my boss. I knew he was married and I just could not help myself. I knew this man had brought his wife and 3 daughters down to columbus as well. They have family there and his wifes friend the first day down on the job was having brain surgery at osu hospitol. It didnt stop me from wanting to have something with Tricia husband. Even tho jason just had a baby I still wanted him. I knew him, his wife had dealt with there infant having collick and that loss of sleep for him, his wife had caused some tention. I felt I could maybe get him to notice me. I didnt think about his wifes feelings or the fact that they had just had a baby. I was miserable because I was separated from my husband, and getting ready to go through a divorce because I had cheated on him as well. So I guess I felt the need to destroy someone elses marriage. I admit Jason was kind to me, and joked with me. It made me fall for him more. As the week went on I flirted, I told him he looked good while powerwashing, and told him several times I thought he looked good. On Thursday before jason took his family back to canton ohio where they live. Me, him, cheeseburger took a drive where jason showed us where he grew up. I figured him showing me his childhood home showed he had money and came from money, and i was broke and alone i thought i could maybe have a chance with him. Thurs night he took his family back to canton and then returned back to columbus the following day to finish the job. When he arrived to the job site, started unloading to powerwashing I approached him. I admit I tried to be all cutesy and asked him to take me to my room before he went to the paint store. He agreed to take me. I had went to the gas station the night before and purchased condoms. We arrived at my hotel while he stood in the hall way talking to the manager that had stopped us to ask about having the hotel painted. I just couldnt take it any more so I pulled him into the room, and shut the door on the manager. I wanted him that bad. I proceeded to attack him I started forcefully kissing on his neck, and trying to get his belt off. We had sex for a very very short period of time. I could tell he wasnt that into it. I started to wonder if he regretted it. It was over fast, I was dissapointed, I said THATS IT? he said yup get dressed. We left to the paint Store we didnt talk much after that he told me if his wife found out that shed kill us both. I could tell he felt bad. Once we got to the paint Store he didnt speak much to me, and he didnt speak much to me once we returned to the job site. At the end of the day he handled getting our checks from the big boss, I never saw jason again after that job, however I did think of him often and sometimes still do till this day. Now he has told his wife about his guilt and the mistake that he made W me. She was so upset I could not blame her. So she put me on this website to let the world know what I did. I decided to be ignorant and try to publicly shame her by putting a false story on here about the mans wife. I lied, slandered her name and put her picture on here. I lied said they were drug users and all the above to try to embarrass her. Apparantly it didnt phase her by what I put. Shes not the least bit embarrassed either. I guess it didnt work. Im so sorry I slept with your husband Tricia williams Im sorry for posting such nasty untrue things about you. Now Im getting sued for slander. This is me Im sorry for what Ive done please forgive me Tricia williams I am extremely scared to fight you.

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