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A Tale Of Errors And Wrongs

Chelsea Elaine Briggs

Chelsea Elaine Briggs is reported for the erratic behavior of infidelity and cheating! Chelsea Elaine Briggs is nothing but bad news and will wreck you family. Chelsea Elaine Briggs has no concern for children even though she is dirty and has been with most of her graduating class not to mention the other married men she has bedded for her benefit. My husband went back to school to get a degree and this little tramp was in one of his classes (she is much younger). Chelsea Elaine Briggs started out just sitting by my husband and after a week or so started sending him messages, texting at all hours, promising sex for school supplies and for cheat sheets . She told him she couldnt afford the books or materials for class but if he would provide them for her she would earn them from him. My husband was a completely stupid male and giant moron and of course stayed after school one day for one of her thank yous instead of coming home to put our two year-old son to bed. This was the day I found out and then when I checked his phone found everything. He never locked his phone or hid it and I always trusted him so never looked (stupid I know). She got her degree from Western Michigan University mostly by cheating and sleeping her way through not only with my husband but with various others as well I found out after the fact.

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