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Christina Oldnettle Fort Walton Beach Florida

Christina Oldnettle Fort Walton Beach Florida is reported for the erratic behavior of infidelity and cheating! This disgusting whore decided it would be good idea to sleep with my husband after I confronted both her and him. I knew my husband was up to know good but I doubt he would at least find someone his own age! Christina Oldnettleis only 18 and sleeps with older men in the hopes of getting their money. My (ex) husband is a well known doctor in the area of Fort Walton Beach and she knew this and went in for the kill as soon as he complimented her. Christina Oldnettle is a vile money leach who will sleep with anyone who throws a few dollars at her flat ass. Married, with a family or not. She does not care by any means. Christina Oldnettle fakes pregnancies in the hopes of keeping those rich men also. How pathetic can one girl get? Than she talks about how depressed she is on social media to gain sympathy. Maybe if you stopped opening your legs to random men for a few bucks you wouldnt be so sad you vile bitch! Be aware Fort Walton Beach goers! Dont be fooled by her lovely appearance shes a money hungry slut who will slander your name as soon as you stop shoving dollar bills down her throat.

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