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Dara Singletary of Dallas Texas is a Cheater and Liar

Dara Singletary of Dallas Texas is a Cheater and Liar is reported for the erratic behavior of infidelity and cheating! Dara Singletary a 29 year old promo-model . Let me repeat that: 29 YEAR OLD PROMO MODEL.. hahahahahah!! Wow! Glad you had mommy and daddy pay for that education. Looks like shes putting it to great use. Shes so pathetic. Its an embarrassment to be a promo model past the age of 22-24. And then she has the audacity to call her self an entrepreneur . Just because someone puts a price tag on their p*ssy and takes naked pics doesnt make them an entrepreneur . I mean I guess in that case all escorts and stippers are entrepreneurs too. Not to mention, this chick has some serious psychological issues. Dara Singletary is constantly checking herself into the ER with full blown hair and makeup done just so that she can post selfies on her IG and get attention. The only thing thats wrong with this skank is that shes addicted to pain killers and xanax. Shes been in and out of rehab and still cant get her head on straight. She claims that shes only had one boyfriend her entire life. Well no sh*t, honey, no one else is dumb enough to date you. Then she faked an engagement to try to get her one and only ex-boyfriend back. hahaha the list goes on and on with this one. Dara, please move back to Austin with the rest of the crazies where you belong.

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