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Dating Complaint on Snowbank2013 The Stalker

Dating Complaint on Snowbank2013 The Stalker is reported for the erratic behavior of infidelity and cheating! Beware of user snowbank2013 on Plenty of Fish dating site this man will stalk you . I met user snowbank2013 on plenty of fish .com we met in person once . I made the mistake of given this person whose name is Willie my phone number.What happened next was basically a living nightmare I decided that this man was not my type and very nicely informed him that it was nice meeting him but I had other matters in my life that had priorities and was not interested in getting serious I was just looking to make friends. And that it would be best if we just didnt meet again. This person text me every 30 minutes on my phone and would not leave me alone when I text back for him to stop he decided to follow me home without my knowledge and found out where I lived. I got home one night stuck my car in the garage. This Willie character decided to pull his car into my driveway turned off his car lights and sat in my driveway for 2 hours in the dark . I discovered him in my driveway when I looked out the window. I ended up calling the police. The next morning he started calling my cell phone at 5 AM in the morning and texting threats to my phone. Upon further investigation of this plentyoffish .com user I discovered that he has done this to several other women that he has met on this dating site and has been convicted of domestic violence . finally got rid of this seriously disturbed individual and deleted my profile. I will never do this again .If any of the women reading this are using Plenty of Fish dating site and are searching dates in Evanston Wyoming or dates in Utah beware of this user he is a stalker and will not stop till the authorities are contacted . Dating Complaints would like to thank everyone for taking the time in bringing this information to us. Its our job at Dating Complaints to make everyone aware of individuals like this. If you have suggestions for Dating Complaints, please email us at [email protected] God Bless Dating Complaints

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