Encyclopedia Erratica

A Tale Of Errors And Wrongs

Diane P West

Diane P West is reported for the erratic behavior of infidelity and cheating! Diane P West code name was Ms. Lilly. That was the name that she bought pot under. I was her dealer and lover. Diane P West had a huge pot habit that made her mind slow but she always got sex hungry when she had had a few tokes. Diane P West craved me like a juicy steak and promised me the world. We did every position but doggy style was her fav. Diane P West also liked to be tied up and hog tied with a red ball in her mouth. We had sex three or four times a week and every time she would smoke a joint. I thought Diane P West loved me for me but it was the pot that she really loved. Diane P West hated her job and needed the pot to stay. Always called her boss an asshole and a fairy. But once my pot supply ran out she hit the road and latched onto some other guy. Diane Pussy West is a Bitch and she can go fuck her self for lying and cheating on me

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