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A Tale Of Errors And Wrongs

Gabriel Bresler

Gabriel Bresler is reported for the erratic behavior of infidelity and cheating! Stranger Than Fiction but the Truth Ladies, and gentlemen, this is a story fit for the screen but it is unfortunately the whole truth. I met a guy named Gabriel Bresler off the internet Christmas Eve 2010 and if I had known the trouble he has caused in my life I would have walked, no run, far away. So Gabriel Bresler and I hook up on Christmas Eve and hes half White/half Asian and to my surprise hes well endowed and so much so that after that night I avoid his calls because it was a bit painful. But we kept in touch, and I started to like Garbriel Bresler a lot. Gabriel Bresler was sweet and docile but also he seemed lost. So at the time both of our lives werent fit for an ltr but we stayed friends and intimate every chance we got. One day Gabriel Bresler suggests we start having unprotected sex and try for a baby and I agree. But I moved out of town a couple times and he moved to Long Beach and he said he had a new roommate. I decided to move to Orange County to be near him summer of 2013. We had a discussion about this. This whole time Gabriel is pretty much indigent and taking classes and I was okay with that but I tried to encourage him to do more with his life and get a jobhe suddenly changes into Dr.Jekyll and obviously doesnt take criticism very well. He started verbally abusing me and using racial slurs and made no apologies because he is a bigot. I foolishly forgave him and we continued to have sex and spend time with each other. All this time I have no idea who his roommate is because he says he sleeps on the couch and hes looking for emergency housing. I get pregnant January 2014 and he all but completely disappears he only sends me a few texts throughout the pregnancy asking for sex of which I declined. After I have the baby hes asking me how soon can I have sex and we dont talk again for another 6 months. He finally meets the baby and we resume being intimate. But this time I pressure him for answers and build trust with him. So Gabriel opens up and starts telling me the truth about his situation. His roommate is really his sugar momma Christine McLemore, hes known her for 6 years and when he was renting a room in the valley she was paying for it, his roommate is poor and old, shes like 52, and the two of them have gotten evicted several times and move every year. Gabriel admits to having mental problems and was diagnosed with a mood disorder and so is his roommate shes mental too. Gabriel tells me his dark secrets and is so casual and callous about it that I cannot immediately wrap my mind around all that he is telling me but its shocking. Hes addicted to porn and gaming and spends most of his days doing that, hes using his roommate for a place to stay because its survival for him and he doesnt love her yet he says she loves him. Hes super paranoid and doesnt want her to find out about the baby and he has went to great lengths to hide that fact and not only that but Gabriel has spent many nights in my bed and I have no idea what he tells her when hes not there with her. That last time we had sex in April 2015 he tells me the next day when he gets home that he cant spend the night anymore because, she gets scared when hes not there. She sounds like a clingy, self-absorbed child its sickening. So anyway it gets worse. Gabriel and I start arguing because I can no longer accept his life. It was one thing not knowing about what he was doing but it was another to have him tell me everything and admit to being scandalous. We start arguing everyday and I just want him to commit to me or her. Gabriel Bresler says he doesnt want to be with one woman. Gabriel Bresler likes having sex with many women. Gabriel Bresler posts constantly on Craigslist and other dating sites. Its where youll find him. Hes bad news ladies and quite honestly a deadbeat. I finally had enough and I find her on facebook and send a message with a photo of the baby and what do you know Gabriel intercepts it because he has access to all her accounts surprise surprise. So not only does he share a bed with her, as he says, she cooks his dinner, washes his clothes and she pays all the bills and he has her keys to the front door and her mailbox yeah hes the man lol. Gabriel lives with her rent free and doesnt contribute a dime so why would he want to leave?? She is the fool. So anyway they call the Police on Mothers Day claiming Im harassing them. The truth is I sent Gabriel Bresler two texts and two emails about Child Support and the VA Claim. Gabriel Bresler roommate sugar momma girlfriend lies and says I call her. WTF? I dont have and have never had her number and dont want it. If shes willing to lie for him that should tell you what kind of person she is and not only that but that shes sticking by him even though she knows about the baby, I sent files to her family and copies of his Craigslist Ad. I have attached a photo of Gabriel Bresler

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