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Gary Slease Real Estate Agent in Utah is now on Dating Complaints

Gary Slease Real Estate Agent in Utah is now on Dating Complaints is reported for the erratic behavior of infidelity and cheating! If your looking for lying, cheating, and disrespecting person, then Gary Slease, (currently of Spanish Fork, UT) would be your man ladies. Gary Slease probably has a mantle full of trophies of all the women his has fooled around with. Gary Slease probably has a trophy room too. And the room would be full of trophies. Ive had experiences with cheaters in the past, but Gary Slease is truly bad. Lifetime-movie-bad. Although seemingly simple, Gary Slease is a seasoned con-man and deceptive to the core. Like most cheaters, Gary Slease knows exactly how to tell a woman what she wants to hear. Gary Slease will tell you about a 35-year marriage to his beautiful Irish bride, and casually mention that although the marriage was rocky, they were always faithful to each other. (Note: she is lovely and long suffering, so Im certain that the statement holds true for her). This is how Gary Slease builds trust, and it works. You will feel great in Gary Slease company. Gary Slease will give his undivided attention to you when you speak, offer sincere compliments, and be a sympathetic ear when you talk about your problems. This is where you need to shut it down. If you go any further with Gary Slease, youll end up in an intense, sporadic, and ultimately toxic relationship. Another side of Gary Slease will come out. Gary Slease will pull back on the compliments and begin putting you down. Youll notice sharp mood swings from Gary Slease, and periods where he needs his space. You will start doing whatever you can to win back his favor. If its gone this far, dont beat yourself up. It isnt you. Gary Slease is just starting the process over again with someone else. Do not be a vicitim to Gary Slease 1263 S 2640 E Spanish Fork, Utah 84660-9458

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