Encyclopedia Erratica

A Tale Of Errors And Wrongs

Genivieve Carabajal Cheyenne, Wyoming

Genivieve Carabajal Cheyenne, Wyoming is reported for the erratic behavior of infidelity and cheating! Well it all started when me and my husband got into a fight he ended up in jail then he got out on a 3000 Dollar bond he then had to go to work on the rig two weeks on two weeks off me and my husband werent talking when he went to work he delete me off his FB well I ended up making a fake profile and he add my fake profile lol well he had put on one of his post that when he got home he wanted a home cooked meal from a female as I was reading the post I notice that my cousin said I will make you tacos when you get home so I put her on blast on FB I was like wtf my own cousin she called my home girl Jackie and ask her if she seen my FB my home girl said if you wanna talk to Christine here she is I got on the phone and I told he wtf how are you gonna be on FB with my husband talking about I will make you tacos when he gets home I told her she must like the way my pussy taste cause she always gets with my exe well me and my husband got back to gather and he showed me everything she even sent pics of her nasty floppy pancake tits it was sick I about puked my guts out she is a dirty whore who likes to go after all my exes watch out she sleep with anyone

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