Encyclopedia Erratica

A Tale Of Errors And Wrongs

Indira Serra of Brockton, Massachusetts

Indira Serra of Brockton, Massachusetts is reported for the erratic behavior of infidelity and cheating! Where do I begin? Never thought I would be dealing with a homewrecker. I have been married for 12 years. Together with my husband for 14 years. We have 3 beautiful children. The homewreckers name is Indira Serra. 25 years old. It seems as though this began when she started babysitting. I would be away and she would be babysitting; few times we had her there while my husband was also home due to illness like colds/flu. We thought it would be useful to have someone there to give a helping hand. Well, geez you ask for a helping hand and you start to get more?! Guess it is true: be careful what you ask for right! This whore was starting to come on to my husband. Here is this witch looking bitch trying to be a sneak. He is 37 years old, ummm, come on you little immature slut. I would hear little stories of her trying to give him a kiss on the forehead, cheeks. Then it escalated to trying the lips. I would hear stories of her coming to babysit in skimpy clothes, heels. For what? In my home there was no need to be impressive. She wasnt impressive she looked slutty as hell. My husband was sick once with the cold and she thought it would be okay to climb into bed with him!!! At this point in the game I just about had it. To top it off, she was with my daughter at a table and had the balls to tell my daughter I believe I will marry your dad one day once he leaves your mom . I was like oh this bitch is going to get it. Once you start telling my kids imaginary stories your done. Well, I actually composed myself and tried to see what else would happen. She seems very obsessed with herself. Taking selfies constantly, I mean constantly. I recently came across her Instagram account and was astonished as to what I saw. She managed to snap pictures of her and my husband and started posting them on her account. Shes got to be nuts at this point, right? She comments on the pics things like my best friend always with a red heart picture next to it. Has she lost it? You are the babysitter and you are doing this to my family. What the fuck. Another picture pops up of him alone and then her next to him in a framed setup. What????!!!!!!!! I was starting to really have boiling blood. She was totally invading my home, my life, my childrens lives, my everything. I let her go. But she still continued to make me feel like she was still a presence in our lives. Few days go by after she gets fired, I see a picture again posted only this time on her Facebook as the cover photo. What the fuck!!!!!! Why the hell would she have my husband and her on her Facebook cover?! I send her a message via Facebook. I say what the fuck is going on here Indira? She replies with all kinds of nonsense. Im going to take your man, I can tell he likes me, we were close to kissing one day, he seemed to like me close to him in the bed. I mean where the hell is she going with this craziness. I start to look at my husbands honesty. Makes me question him. He noticed it all but never thought much of the pictures taken. Im like oh men especially mine. Nieve. Till this day she still messing around with my family. She would make herself fruity drinks and post them on Instagram with 2 straws as a symbol that he and her were going to be drinking it together. What the fuck!!!! Is she ok?! What a freaking homewrecker. She would have ruined so much if she was around more. She still till this day indirectly still haunting us it feels. She is disgusting, obsessed with her witch looking ugly self. She probably lacks so much self-esteem that her selfies are her drug to try to fill that void. Homewrecker hall of fame award goes to Indira Serra!!!! Make her famous for being a homewrecker!!!!

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