Encyclopedia Erratica

A Tale Of Errors And Wrongs

James Eric Eldridge, Georgia

James Eric Eldridge, Georgia is reported for the erratic behavior of infidelity and cheating! James Eric Eldridge 100% cheater and liar. James has had sex with hundreds of people he does not care what they look like as long as they will have sex with him. This has been confirmed unfortunately. He is always wanting to be tested because he does not use protection. He will lie about his name, age, location, etc .he will con people out of money. He will tell people his father had a heart attack or he had a wreck or his car is about to be repossessed anything to make people feel sorry for him and give him money. He cleans houses for gay men and will often do this nude. He will have sex with trannies he will do anything to satisfy himself. If you get involved with him, you will be out of a lot of money and get your heart broken. He is very charming and funny and he uses this to get to people. He may go by different names and will lie about where he lives. Almost everything he says is a lie.

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