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Joanna Corsada is a Liar

Joanna Corsada is a Liar is reported for the erratic behavior of infidelity and cheating! I dated and got scammed out of a lot of money by this girl. She lives in Surigao City in the Philippines. I met her on some Filipino dating website, i think filipinocupid.com. I stayed with her family Ó a very poor family living on Dinigat Island Ó for a few days and she was okay but its ALL about money. And her family basically whores her out for it as well (they dont speak or do anything except let you know they could use money and are fine with you staying in their daughters room for several days). After she broke up with me in early 2016 she was dating a new guy in a day or so and I see she now has a tattoo of someones name on her back now. As long as you are sending her Western Union transfers shes okay but the second you stop she is on to the next one. She has good sales skills, thats for sure: she called and messaged several times a day. Also I contracted an STD from her; thankfully it was curable but painful. Basically a prostitute and has been around so much that Im sure some porno site will have pics of her sooner or later. Nice body but has incredibly messed up teeth and that is so sad in a girl her age Ó she will undoubtedly need dentures soon. Here in India a lot of people have bad teeth but not that bad. No wonder she always smiles with her mouth closed. Five dollah me luv u long time was never more true. This girl will go through endless guys and end up living in poverty as she loses what looks she has.

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