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Jordan Hanks of Raleigh, North Carolina

Jordan Hanks of Raleigh, North Carolina is reported for the erratic behavior of infidelity and cheating! Jordan Hanks is dishonest and has a history of ending his relationships by having affairs with married women. Jordan Hanks was my former husband until I discovered that he was having an affair with a married woman that was also his employee. Because of his extramarital affair in his workplace, Jordan Hanks job was once terminated. Upon separation Jordan Hanks cleared out a joint banking account, charged a 4000 automobile restore debt to my bank card and took our tax return as his own. One month previous to his departure he had tried to convince me to refinance my residence , put his title on the title and in doing so tried to get me to pay off 80000 of premarital debt he had incurred from a trade bankruptcy. After I refused, he departed with out packing up his property or his youngsterss and likewise left at the back of his dog. The married girl that he moved in with sent me countless nasty text messages. I was instructed by means of my ex husband that she did not want me to see my stepkids further, for that reason, I was once now not allowed to assert goodbye to them. Nor had been my children. Even though we had participated of their lives for 5 years.

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