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Julie Clair Vincent

Julie Clair Vincent is reported for the erratic behavior of infidelity and cheating! BEWARE of Julie Clair Vincent! Julie Clair Vincent loves to sleep with taken, married men. I was married for 3 years when this w**** came into my life and helped destroy my marriage. I blame my now ex husband too because he slept with this dirty skank when I was extremely sick, and in and out of the hospital. I truely believe that Julie Clair Vincent did not know he was married at 1st, but when I found out about the affair I told her the man she was madly in love with and wanted to marry was already married for 3 years, and we had been together for 6 years at that point. I thought we could salvage our relationship. Well this dirty w**** wouldnt go away. She lived in Kentucky, even though she was only living in the USA for a year because she is really from England. She is either on a work visa looking for a green card, or she is here illegally looking to marry for a green card. Anyway, me and my then husband lived in New Jersey at the time and she would not stop calling, and making excuses to take training classes with my husband through their job after she found out he was married. These classes were held in another state for a week each class. Julie Clair Vincent forced herself in his face even after she knew he was married. Yes he was wrong for continuing to sleep with this skank but if she would have went away, maybe my marriage would have had a chance. She continued to sleep with my husband for 3 1/2 years until we finally called it quits, and got a divorce. Julie Clair Vincent likes to call herself a good christian woman but she is far from it. After our divorce, I found out that he tried to break it off with Julie Clair Vincent again, and instead of taking it like an adult and moving on, she found a job in New Jersey and moved from Kentucky to New Jersey to try to win him back . Me and my ex are still on speaking terms and he tells me that he only sees her when he is bored and has nothing/no one else to do. I moved out of state because it is better to have distance between me and my ex, and now me and the mistress that is still trying to force herself on him. When she realized she wasnt getting anywhere with him, she befriended his younger sister After Julie Clair Vincent was able to befriend his sister and they became best friends behind my exs back, his sister is now on a mission to get them back together and married. His sister invites Julie Clair Vincent to join for holidays and family vacations without my ex husband even knowing she is going to be there until he shows up and then he is stuck with Julie Clair Vincent for a the whole trip. How desperate of a person does she have to be to go about trying to get a man this way. Ladies beware if your significant other shows even the slightest bit of attention in her, or is even just nice to her, she will be in your life forever, and she wont go away until Julie Clair Vincent has broken up another marriage. She only likes men who are taken, or married. Remember this ugly skanks face. Her mother did not teach her how to keep her legs closed or what is sacred about marriage. I hope what she did to me comes back and bites her on her ugly ass 100 fold. Julie Clair Vincent doesnt ever deserve to lay down next to a man and think he is being faithful to her. I get slight satisfaction in knowing for a fact my ex husband isnt even faithful to her. He doesnt even consider her his gf or anything serious. Its so nice to think that was able to break up a marriage, but when you have someone as nasty as Julie Clair Vincent involved anything is possible. Beware ladies!

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