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A Tale Of Errors And Wrongs

Julie Rowe

Julie Rowe is reported for the erratic behavior of infidelity and cheating! About 6 months ago my wife started acting weird closed off, defensive over her phone, etc. Then I caught her one day eye fucking some other attractive men I pretended to not be looking by averting my head direction, but as I watched out of the corner of my eye she would look to see if I was watching and then proceed to make smirks at them, kind of prance around and make provacative poses. After that I went on high alert and started snooping (something that Ive virtually never felt compelled to do in around 10 years together. It threw me into a fit of paranoia, wondering if shes putting herself back on the market When I asked her about the aforementioned men, she plainly denied it happening at all. When I asked her about being defensive of her phone, she denied it. So, as much of a manipulative dickhead as it makes me, I started asking her trivial stuff but stuff that I knew the answer to, but things that she may not want to be open about. The outcome being that I found out she is very, very comfortable with being dishonest. That is something foreign to me Im a piece of shit on many levels but Im an honest piece of shit. I cant imagine spending the rest of my life with a liar. I confronted her about dishonesty but all I got was more bullshit with a final excuse of: Im just kind of an airhead and I dont remember things all that well . 10 years together and I know that is also bullshit, shes highly intelligent. I started doing research on the lives of adulterers: telltale signs as well as typical modes of operation. I started monitoring craigslist personals and I noticed that whenever we would get in an argument, without fail, that very day an ad would pop up for 28 year old horny wife needs to get fucked!! (Actual age changed, but it was her age). We live in a small town, there are only a couple hundred married women her age and presumably none of them are arguing on precisely the same days (to give an idea of the time spread there were about 3 posts spread over roughly 3 weeks once I started monitoring. It strikes me an overly-coincidental, and I happen to know that she is very fluent with craigslist. Given her amount of free time I find it hard to believe that she was after more than attention, something I dont give her enough of. I dont think shes cheated/cheating on me but really, she wouldnt tell me in a million years if she were. Shes way too comfortable telling me lies because its easy. The final outcome of consistent dishonesty and games is my nerves being burnt out. Ive become a paranoid stalker which, historically, is very unaligned with my character. Shes closed off, wants to keep her life private from me, and theres very little connection left. Im having a hard time picturing spending the rest of my life with a liar, no matter how good of a person she is otherwise. Kids are involved and I do love her to bits so leaving is not an option its not emotionally or practically desirable for me. But at the end of the day, I dont believe a fucking word that comes out of that womans mouth. Tl;dr wife lies to me about trivial shit, may or may not have serious stuff to hide but regardless, its turned me into a paranoid, stalkerish fucktwit.

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