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A Tale Of Errors And Wrongs

Kristi Lane Frederick, Maryland

Kristi Lane Frederick, Maryland is reported for the erratic behavior of infidelity and cheating! This is my wife Kristi. Seven years ago she cheated on me with a 19 year old employee. Kristi Lane would have my then 9 year old daughter on her cheating sprees. My daughter came to me and told me everything she knew about my wife and this kid. I of course forgave her and decided to work it out with her. We attended marriage counselor and our love began to grow strong again. We have 4 kids now and I do a lot for my wife. Kristi Lane has an alcohol and drug issue. Shes been kicked out of several bars for her drug use in the bathroom. Kristi Lane has been in trouble several times for dui! I still didnt leave. I love my wife with my heart and soul. A very nice woman showed up at my house last night with her sister, both women were beautiful and they were asking for me. As I stood at the door I was thinking to myself is this a set up I have 2 beautiful women at my door wanting my attention. I asked what they needed and this women went into tears saying Im so sorry, but I have to tell you what your wife is doing. I invited both women into my home and we all sit down in the living room. She began to tell me that my wife told her son that her and I were separated and I just stayed in the home for my kids in my own bedroom. This is not at all true I slept in the bed with my wife every night. We made love most nights. She started pursuing this womans 18 year old son. I cant blame this kid for what has happened hes not old enough to see that my wife manipulated him into sleeping with him. Now my wife was confronted by this mother and I dont blame her for what she has done. The mother cares that my wife is using her authority against her son and I fully agree that my 39 year old wife knows better. I have made contact myself with her district manager and advised them that they need to take a look at kristis work ethics. I dont agree with what my wife is doing. I also know that she was going after another guy under her. I dont understand what I have done for her to cheat on me like she has. I cook, clean, make sure she has food for work. I do my duty as a husband and father. I pay her attention always and Im always making our Marriage exciting. I hear my wife is drinking on the job as well. I thought she was a woman not a child. I thought she had respect for herself, our kids, and our marriage. I was wrong and I cant handle this heartbreak. I have packed her bags tonight. I made reservations and paid her hotel for 2 weeks close to her job. I want a divorce and Im taking my kids. I can not continue being cheated on and lied to. So as of today I TOMMY LANE is putting my wife out of my home. The locks have been changed and once I post this on homewreckers I will be driving her bags to her job and placing them in her car. I cant believe she was even allowing a kid without a license drive her car ( which is under my insurance) and Im glad this mother came to me. I will cancel her car insurance tomorrow and text her after placing her belongings in her vehicle. I need to heal from the hurt my so called wife has caused and I will NEVER forgive her for her actions. This marriage is over!

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