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Lori Lapatka of New Orleans Louisiana

Lori Lapatka of New Orleans Louisiana is reported for the erratic behavior of infidelity and cheating! Lori Lapatka of New Orleans, LA, originally from Arcadia, CA graduated from Loyola University in May 2011, has devastated my marriage and destroyed my childrens future. She was the secretary at my husbands work and had met me at work events, and had even held my baby at one of them. She is 20 years younger than my husband! She also plays saxophone for a local band The Crooked Vines. I found disgusting sexual texts that my husband forgot to delete from our iPad, as well as a note from her in a box he brought home from work after he was fired. He apparently loaned her the movie Stardust and she wrote saying how much she missed him and wishes they couldve watched it together and signed it love you, Lori. I also found a paper stating that she complained of sexual harassment at work. I would only assume the other men there knew she was whoring around and thought they would give it a shot. There were also pictures of her and music from her band saved on our computer. My husband would say he was playing volleyball and the game was late, or when he was supposed to get off a half day on Friday he would say he had to stay longer to finish his work. I guess this is when they were together. Today I even saw on the google maps app on our iPad, directions from her phone number to a steak a shake near our house (she lives about 30 miles away). I would have to assume that they met for lunch after his volleyball game on Saturday since that place is near there. This has destroyed me. Not a day has gone by the past 6 months since I found the texts that I havent cried. I no longer feel any joy in life. I never thought my husband was capable of this. Anyone that knows him would think he is such a nice guy, but that isnt so. Of course he blames me, anything that makes him feel like I deserved for him to do that. Anything that makes him feel better about himself. I feel so helpless that someone can hurt me this bad! This marriage was supposed to be forever and this woman who I have never done anything to, took it upon herself to destroy my future. I was such a happy person before this, now I am filled with sadness and rage. I will never be the same. How can someone get away with that?

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