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Matthew Hines of Moline, Illinois

Matthew Hines of Moline, Illinois is reported for the erratic behavior of infidelity and cheating! Matthew Hines of Moline, Illinois is the owner of Dougs Heating & Air Conditioning. Matthew likes to sleep with multiple women even though he is in a serious relationship. Apparently he doesnt care if he is in a serious relationship if he is sleeping with other women. Matt has been with his GF for over 6 years, and has been cheating on her the entire time. WAKE UP AND SMELL THE COFFEE HONEY . All Matt is looking for a sex, and then he is out the door. I thought our relationship was progressing, but I was a idiot . Do not make the same mistake I did with Matthew Hines. He you see this jerk, just walk the other way. He will destroy your life ladies

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