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A Tale Of Errors And Wrongs

Nicole Coleman of Burnham, Pennsylvania

Nicole Coleman of Burnham, Pennsylvania is reported for the erratic behavior of infidelity and cheating! I was married to Nicoleman, and 6 months into our marriage we agreed that a open marriage wasnt working-some of you may find th eopen marriage thing repugnant but please dont judge me for trying it to keep my man happy. anyway he swore he was doen with all that, didnt need or want anyone but me and wouldnt flirt or hook up with anyone else. I should have known he couldnt change that quick , if at all, he is a sex addict and while I maybe should have known better than to marry him its still wrong for him to go back on his promise that he would give all that up in order to keep me with him , sane and happy. I suspected several affairs, both online and face to face, but never any proof till now since his phone and computer are both locked an di have no access to either. well about 6 weeks ago this girl starts sending letters to the house which gut instinct told me I better investigate so I opened one and found intimate details of their meetings, very graphic descriptions of what she was going to do to him in the future, requests for money , and expressions of sympathy fro him having to live with such a neglectful and cold hearted wife etc etc. I confronted him he denied it, so I started writing to her and an even more sordid picture emerged she has since apologized to me but only to avoid criminal prosecution for some of the stuff she admitted to in her letters to me. whether she really is sorry or not is between her and God but the damage is already done and its time everyone knew what they were doing while he was supposedly working on saving our marriage.

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