Encyclopedia Erratica

A Tale Of Errors And Wrongs

Sabrina Loudon St. Louis, Missouri

Sabrina Loudon St. Louis, Missouri is reported for the erratic behavior of infidelity and cheating! So about a month ago this botch knowing he was married convinced him to help her with her drug problem.. needless to say she drugged him and held him overnight ( nothing happened I was on the phone the whole time) she spent the whole night trying to convince him to leave me and be with her disputed he was married and has 4 kids with me the youngest is 4 months old, since then he has blocked her repeatedly ask her to leave him alone and even went so far as threaten a restraining order on her she wont go away this is the definition of a homewrecker who doesnt care is is desperate since she only lives with her multiple cats and roommate.. I dont know what to do and neither does he anymore

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