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A Tale Of Errors And Wrongs

Sabrina Selassie of Baltimore, Maryland

Sabrina Selassie of Baltimore, Maryland is reported for the erratic behavior of infidelity and cheating! All started when she moved to Baltimore Maryland. Her name is Sabrina Selassie. She started working with my husband in August. And within a week this woman started calling his phone every 15-30 minutes. I asked him of course why would she call so much. And lied like she was trying to move u in the company and needed help. Well one day Sabrina reaches me on Facebook. Asks me how I know him ( my husband). I replied we are married and a baby on the way will be a good way to know him but I reversed on how she knew him. She wanted PROOF we was married and had a baby?? Why should I prove myself to a side bitch? And she said females lie. But then said its only sex!!! Sex is free and Ill give sex to every and anyone I please. Its not hard to get. Of course Im thinking what a damn whore. Did her knowing hes married stop her? Nope! She kept messing with him. Told him to choose between me and her. At this point She can have him!!! Thanksgiving came and I gave birth to my baby. Well the whole time she was calling and texting him. Throwing fits he was there!!! Wrote me and wished death upon us. Stalked my home. I had to shut down my phone account and social media. Scared this crazy person would harm my child and me. Marriage meant nothing to her. Marriage is a word that thrills her to ruin someones family. Now she moved and claims this innocent life. But beware she loves to ruin lives.

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