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Scott Quartararo

Scott Quartararo is reported for the erratic behavior of infidelity and cheating! Scott Quartararo has Credit Card Fraud, owes more than 25k in back child support, con artist, preys on lonely women that are vulnerable and financially stable. He loves to use Internet Dating Sites (and Craigs list) to find women to con. Scott Quartarro also stole merchandise from Daytona Street & Performance, and sold the items on ebay but was never charged. He has fled Florida, and then went to MA. Scott has also did some shady dealings with a Time Share Company in FL, he uses his kids SS #s to get a credit card, and lets the accounts default. Scott Quartararo also filed Bankruptcy so he could stay in his mobile home. He has 5 kids from 3 different women, and no telling how many he doenst know about (or me for that matter). Scott Quartararo is abusive, doesnt know how to tell the truth, and his entire life has been a LIE. He was just convicted of Credit Card Fraud in Barnstable Court in September of 2011, the information below is from Cape Cod Times court records QUARTARARO, Scott M, 45, Marstons Mills; two counts, improper use of a credit card over $250; larceny over $250 by single scheme, December 28 2010 in Barnstable. All counts, admitted to sufficient facts. All counts, continued without a finding, continued for payment until September 20 2013. $2, 506.54 restitution. Although it says he was from Marston Mills, he no longer lives there as his now Ex Fiance kicked him out. Rumor has it he is living in the back room of a drum shop in Hyannis, he has no car (most likely no Drivers License due to back child support). So basically he is a Dead Beat Dad, that preys on vulnerable lonely women that are financially set, uses online dating sites to meet these women, will tell you what ever you want to hear and make it sound believable, uses others credit cards, uses his kids SS #s to get credit and so much more. BEWARE OF THIS PERSON, he is bad news! 781-799-1489 Dating Complaints is pleased to be bringing this information to you. If you have any suggestions for Dating Complaints. Please email us at [email protected] God Bless Dating Complaints

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