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A Tale Of Errors And Wrongs

Shandy Kutcher Ortega Los Angeles, California

Shandy Kutcher Ortega Los Angeles, California is reported for the erratic behavior of infidelity and cheating! This is Shandy Kutcher Ortega, RN. She and my husband, Carlos Miranda, work together at UCLA 7North COU. I met my husband at this very same job that they still work at. Later I moved to another hospital and we got married shortly thereafter. Low and behold they started flirting and then started a full-blown affair when I was in my last month of pregnancy with our second child. This sorry excuse of a woman (and her friends) would see me at the company functions and put on a fake smile and say hi to me all the while they were having an affair. Shandys husband (yes she was married too and has 2 children) then found out about the affair and they are currently in the process of a divorce. He doesnt know whom she is having an affair with, he only knows that this so-called man is married and with children. However, she is too lazy to work more than 2 days a week and still lives in the same house as her soon-to-be ex-husband. Almost a year later, I find out about the affair which they both denied at first but then Shandy sends me a very lengthy and detailed email of their affair. TMI! She was so desperate to keep my husband that she purposely saved all the evidence and wrote to me in detail so I would leave him and she could have him for herself. Of course, my husband and I tried to work things out but it just didnt work out. He of course is not at all innocent. He chose to flirt with married women Shandy was not the first and she knows it too! He had a fling with Becky Budd (Shandys best friend and co-worker yes they all work together and yes I know all of these women)! Carlos has low self-esteem and seeks attention from other women and uses social media to boost his self-confidence. I am an RN and because I made significantly more than him, this made him feel inferior to me but I never ever treated him that way. All my close friends and family are shocked at his ludicrous allegations that I treated him as such. Shandy on the other hand wasnt getting the love and attention she needed at home and found it with my husband. They both deserve each other. Carlos always sees himself as the victim (yes, even in this situation) and will never realize that he is the problem. Karma is a bitch because one day, Shandy will be the victim of the fate she so willingly participated in.

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