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Sumeer Chandra of HP is the escort king of San Diego

Sumeer Chandra of HP is the escort king of San Diego is reported for the erratic behavior of infidelity and cheating! Sumeer Chandra in San Diego California is a vice-president at HP (Hewlett-Packard). Sumeer Chandra is 59 years old and married with kids yet he single-handedly is responsible for keeping San Digeos escort industry afloat. Haha! Sumeer Chandra routinely hires some of the most expensive and young call girls for personal pleasure. Now I have no objection if a dude wants to have some fun and I never question peoples moral high ground, but what irks me as an HP shareholder and employee is that Sumeer Chandra books a lotta these hookers on the company dime. What Sumeer Chandra does is expenses these prostitutes under the guise of legitimate business expenditure. That is just outrageous!!! Sumeer Chandra should not be getting off under the pretense of blatant fraud.

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