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Tina Musgrave Handsford Emmett, Idaho

Tina Musgrave Handsford Emmett, Idaho is reported for the erratic behavior of infidelity and cheating! This is Tina Musgrave Handsford from Emmett Idaho. She has ruined multiple marriages and cheated on multiple husbands. But my story is pretty great! So this bitch was my mother in-laws friend and my co-worker. She had been a friend of our family for a very long time. Come to find out this leather face whore had been fucking my father in-law since April! The second we found out about it and confronted my father in-law, they both skipped town as quick as they could and shes been hiding ever since. What she didnt know was not only did she steal a man from his wife of 18 years but he took a father from his children, grandchildren, and home. I hope you all enjoy how ugly this nasty woman is(: Like and share with your friends.

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