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Whitney Ann Bain of Longview Texas

Whitney Ann Bain of Longview Texas is reported for the erratic behavior of infidelity and cheating! STAY AWAY from this conniving bitch! Whitney Ann Bain was always hanging around my boyfriends house. I knew Whitney Ann Bain was having sex with my boyfriends roommate and another one of his friends, along with several other men, but I didnt know my boyfriend was one of them. Whitney Ann Bain seems harmless enough because she is ugly and really annoying, so I never would have suspected that my boyfriend would ever want to get with her. She will tell you her sob story about how Whitney Ann Bain was in a car accident in order to try to score sympathy points, and whine on and on and on incessantly about how she NEEEEEEEDS a Vicodin so badly or whatever. She will fiend and beg for opiates from anyone she sees, codeine, morphine, dilaudid, oxy, anything to get her fix. (this supposed car wreck, by the way, was SEVERAL years ago, and she OBVIOUSLY wasnt in enough pain to prevent her from HAVING SEX WITH MY BOYFRIEND!) One Friday night I left for Dallas to bring my daughter to her dads house for the weekend. I planned on staying the weekend in Dallas with my mom and coming back Sunday night but that Friday was the last time I ever saw my boyfriend, apparently this whore and my boyfriend moved into a motel together while I was in Dallas. Whitney Ann Bain took everything I had left at my boyfriends house and storage locker, and kept it for herself.

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