Encyclopedia Erratica

A Tale Of Errors And Wrongs

Worthless man look hoe! Tanya Barton Drumm

Worthless man look hoe! Tanya Barton Drumm is reported for the erratic behavior of infidelity and cheating! This stripper with 4 kids by 4 different guys and multiple failed marriages has a hoe problem! She is like a leach that sucks your dry in every part of your life. She cant find a man of her own. She prefers married gentleman uses the bell out of them sleeps with them pretends she is all in LOVE. They drop her like a dead coon and she stalks them like a buzzard. She will destroy your family! Contact your family and friends. Make an ass out of you and good lord if she knows where your employer is she will stalk you there as well. Shes a desperate piece of trailer park trash! Shes been fucked by every guy in Marysville including her friend Lauras so called man. she sleeps with multiple night club managers for free drinks! Girl cant be trusted and is carrying STD!

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