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Annette M. Myrick, Castle Rock, Colorado

Annette M. Myrick, Castle Rock, Colorado is an American individual who was reported to have the nasty venereal sexually transmitted disease of Herpes. The posted report states: Annette M. Myrick You Wouldnt Beleive This Women Was An Anttorney Her Office Has Rats And Feceies On The Walls and Floors. We Dated For Awhile And I Noticed Bumps All Around her private areas so, I asked her what they were she said she was allergic to dove soap. I took apon because shes a attorney and very very atractive that she wouldnÓt lie so i had unprotected sex with her long behold 2 weeks later I have herpes, I donÓt wanna see this woman ruin anymore men/womens lifes. She has dated women on several occasions she admited to being bisexual. Im glad that theirs a good site like stdregistry.com to warn others about this STD Carrier.; Myrick Law, P.C.n 4833 Front Street, Unit B-450n Castle Rock, CO 80104n Fax: 720-230-5425n www.denver-justice.com

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