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Ashlee Belew, San Antonio, Texas, United States

Ashlee Belew, San Antonio, Texas, United States is an American individual who was reported to have the nasty venereal sexually transmitted disease of Genital Herpes. The posted report states: Ashlee Belew of San Antonio, Texas is a racist venomous rattlesnake. Her racism and prejudice is particularly against African-American men or men who are Black in color complexion because she has despised these menÕs color of skin so much so that because of her hatred for their color of skin she has determined these men unfit to be with her for serious relationship purposes because she has classed their skin color to be beneath or inferior to the one that she has which is of the Caucasian or White class bracket. I am posting this here to expose Ashlee Belew of San Antonio, Texas for the piece of racist filth that she is and for her racist nastiness in how she has viewed Black males or African-American males and her prejudiced attitude and behavior towards them. Racist malice and venom such as this should not go Un-Exposed.

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