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Bridget Tapley, St. Peters, Missouri, USA

Bridget Tapley, St. Peters, Missouri, USA is an American individual who was reported to have the nasty venereal sexually transmitted disease of Herpes. The posted report states: Bridget Tapley who is from St. Peters, Missouri is not only a confirmed wicked individual but also her wickedness extends itself towards another direction and it extends itself towards having racial angst, racial hatred, and racially biased prejudice against African-American males or Black men in particular. This in essence makes her a cruel and unjust racist and a skin color bigot as a whole. Her racism and her prejudice is against her having serious relationship desires or serious relationship intentions with these men who are African-American or Black in nature because she hates the black skin color that they have. It is for this purpose which must be highlighted concerning Bridget Tapley who is from St. Peters, Missouri that she must be condemned to the highest and to the fullest as the disgraceful, wretched, deplorable, abhorrent, reprehensible, abominable, and ruthless racist and skin color prejudice individual she indeed is.

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