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Chalie Mcmannis, Illinois

Chalie Mcmannis, Illinois is an American individual who was reported to have the nasty venereal sexually transmitted disease of Herpes. The posted report states: Well he just Recently had a face lift, hair plugs, dyes his hair and fake bakes. Has a small penis. If you ever got an infection/STD it was definitely from him because heÕs a man whore. And when you tested positive for an STD he wasnÕt mad, because most likely he knows it came from him. He loves anal sex and loves when you stick instruments up his ass, he hires prostitutes, he sleeps with transgender men, donÕt believe me? all these girls have emails, texts and other videos to prove it. He is the biggest cheating lying pig in Chicago, he lives on the north side. This old man really thinks heÕs god gift to women and uses his charm to lure in young girls, or single moms. He has a thing for Hispanics or petite girls with HUGE boobs. This man should not be around pets or little kids, he hates kids.

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