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Citarra Rhea, Singapore, Singapore Ð She is Infecting Men With AIDS!!!!

Citarra Rhea, Singapore, Singapore Ð She is Infecting Men With AIDS!!!! is an American individual who was reported to have the nasty venereal sexually transmitted disease of HIV/AIDS. The posted report states: I was young and dumb once. I fell in love with a whore. Little did I know she was was HIV positive. I lost all hope and began thinking of suicide. Shes been a whore since gosh knows when and had banged over 17 guys. Do not let this whore fool you into thinking she is your friend. She is so desperate to get pregnant now and is looking for another dick as a sperm donor for her delusional fantasies. She loves to flash her pussy to strangers. This whore is as dirty as they come. Loves to fuck roughÉand loves cum inside her pussy. Shell let you abuse her however you like. Think god my aid test came back negative. The worst part is that She is still on the hunt for more victims! Now, I am using stdregistry.com to try to get my story out and save more men from being victims of Citarra Rhea carelessness. I tried to get her prosecuted for knowingly trying to infect me with the HIV, but the case did not go to court because my test came back negative.

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