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Dominic J Davey, Boardman, Ohio

Dominic J Davey, Boardman, Ohio is an American individual who was reported to have the nasty venereal sexually transmitted disease of Genital Herpes. The posted report states: Dominic J Davey is really good manipulator to get what he wants. He is a taker, classic narcissist, cheater, classless and disrespectful. He recently lost a good friend because he asked his friendÕs wife to send pictures of herself for his amusement! He collects pictures of naked pictures of girls boobs and butt like a guy collects baseball cards. Loves pornÉ..heÕs just sick. I had no idea until towards the end of our almost 1 year relationship, which he broke up with me over text. This guy is also reckless with his money but likes to appear to have money. I forgot to mention that he has 3 kinds of STDs and he is also a thief. He borrowed money from me and lied about paying me back. According to court records IÕm not the only one he owes money to. He makes up convincing stories about why he needs to borrow money. DonÕt believe a word he says! He is never going to change.. Stay clear.

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