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Elise Givens-Brown/PCI Knoxville

Elise Givens-Brown/PCI Knoxville

This nasty slut was and still is a carrier of Chlamydia. She has openly admitted by saying she was diseased when she had said that everybody has had Chlamydia, and that it was no big deal. Really?! No, only dirty, diseased girls and promiscuous people get diseases. Elise Brown rides bareback, spreads for her boss, enjoys bbc, screws her co-workers, and brings home diseases to her husband.

Elise Givens-Brown is an undercover whore who works for PCI – Performance Contracting Inc. in Knoxville, Tennessee.

Her husband David is just as sinful and guilty, for he tolerates her cheating! He is a cuckold who doesn’t mind sharing his wife, Elise with their boss, Esley Hall. They all work for the same company. And David also doesn’t mind Elise putting out her stinky pussy on display, for all the bbc action, with no condom. David Brown deserves all the wicked piss burns and diseased crotch rot he gets, for being such a simp-ass pussy!

Elise Brown loves spreading for bbc; especially from well-hung, black men that she hardly knows. She also goes for threesomes and loves having trains run on her.

Beware of this dirty, diseased whore. Elise Givens-Brown is a pig!

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