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Emily Flinker Ð Cincinnati/NKY area

Emily Flinker Ð Cincinnati/NKY area is an American individual who was reported to have the nasty venereal sexually transmitted disease of Herpes. The posted report states: I see on backpage ads that this girl named Emily Flinker is always trying to sell her body filled with mass baby damage and every possible sexually transmitted disease in the book, because she is a manipulating sociopath who loves her heroin, crack, and weed to death. She carries HIV, and quite possibly herpes and hep C, and lies about it on her backpage ads, when the fact is she does carry them and will always do anything to bait people into her fake kindness so she can pass them on to make money. She uses heroin as a reason to not be a mother and run from those she has hurt in the past, including her own family (namely her brother and father), and hides behind a scum dope boy as a reason to avoid confrontation with those that she has hurt, joyfully and without regret. She has taken her act from KY across the river to Cincinnati, and now she is in the greater Cincinnati area with this pimp, largely because she cant do it on her own anymore. She screws people over big time because she sees it as a golden opportunity to get strung out on that heroin and crack she loves SO much, and is just THAT afraid to show her real self, and also thinks she is better than everyone else because she runs with a dope boy, who himself fears everyone that he screwed over for years, especially when they get called out. They backpedal so fast they can win the Boston Marathon if they were allowed to run it in reverse. ThatÕs how afraid Emily Flinker is; afraid of everyone that she did dirty.

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