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Emily Oneglia Medlin, Alabama | She has HIV and AIDS

Emily Oneglia Medlin, Alabama | She has HIV and AIDS is an American individual who was reported to have the nasty venereal sexually transmitted disease of HIV/AIDS. The posted report states: Emily Oneglia or Emily Oneglia Medlin is a cunt lying cheater whore that has HIV and AIDS and she will not tell all the men who she has sex with. She deserves whatever she gets. She uses her two children to attract men for a support system. I did it for over two years! I was used and lied to. She will do and say anything to get her way and she will sleep around on you if you give her that space. Her Facebook is always hidden so you never know what is going on until its too late! SheÕs a user, betrayer, and con artist! She will tell you all the sweet things to suck you in and sleep with someone else as soon as you turn your back.

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