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Jack Parks, Georgia

Jack Parks, Georgia is an American individual who was reported to have the nasty venereal sexually transmitted disease of Viral Hepatitis. The posted report states: This man is no good. He has children all across the country that he does not support. He is a con artist and steals from women. He preys on social media and coerces you to trust him. He carries several venereal diseases and will demand unprotected sex from you. The criminal record is ridiculous. This man belongs in jail. Stay away from him because he will rob you blind. Do not fall for his charming ways. ItÕs all a ploy to gain your trust. Keep him away from your credit cards, jewelry and bank accounts. He has already gone to prison for stealing from someone and he wonÕt stop. DonÕt be the next victim. Everyone here canÕt be wrong. We all had the same scenario. Gino, Jack, Jaye, Danny, Parks, he has a list of aliases. Stay away!!!! He is a criminal.

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