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Darren Ambler is a known Player

Darren Ambler is a known Player- used several women for sex including “Prostitutes and women with questionable morals: Darren Ambler has no Morals- Class- Breeding- Ediquette- Manners or Conscience. He will use and abuse you with no after thought or remorse. A very sick- selfish deceitful- disrespectful human being. Darren is a professional con-artist: He […]

Kerry Armbruster

Kerry Armbruster is reported for the erratic behavior of infidelity and cheating! Kerry Armbruster cheated on his wife with several random women. Kerry Armbruster f***** his best friends ex wife and f***** a co-worker Rachael Russell for years. Kerry Armbruster leads a double life telling everyone he wasnt married. Kerry Armbruster will tell you he loves […]

Scott Quartararo

Scott Quartararo is reported for the erratic behavior of infidelity and cheating! Scott Quartararo has Credit Card Fraud, owes more than 25k in back child support, con artist, preys on lonely women that are vulnerable and financially stable. He loves to use Internet Dating Sites (and Craigs list) to find women to con. Scott Quartarro also […]

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