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Tag: Esley Hall

Esley Hall at PCI-Performance Contracting Inc., Knoxville

Esley Hall is a narcissistic sociopath. He’s a batshit crazy, control freak, psycho! Don’t date him and don’t ever work for him. Esley Hall at PCI-Performance Contracting Inc. in Knoxville is one of the worst employers ever! He overprices jobs to other companies. And he steals from his own employees, by ripping them off out […]

Elise Givens-Brown/PCI Knoxville

Elise Givens-Brown/PCI Knoxville This nasty slut was and still is a carrier of Chlamydia. She has openly admitted by saying she was diseased when she had said that everybody has had Chlamydia, and that it was no big deal. Really?! No, only dirty, diseased girls and promiscuous people get diseases. Elise Brown rides bareback, spreads […]

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